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Heaters & Wicks

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Tips To Use Your Paraffin Heater

.Allow at least one hour for the wicks to absorb the paraffin. DO NOT LIGHT A DRY WICK . Light Wicks in a low position. Check the height of the flame after approximately 5 minutes and again at 15 minutes, adjust as necessary to make sure you have a smokeless flame. To extinguish flames, turn the Wicks down by turning the control knobs anti-clockwise and blow through the hole in the heat spreader. Surplus charring on the Wicks should be removed with a light brush or duster . When operating, the tip of the flame must not be above the centre bridge of the burner. If used on a higher flame setting the wicks will dry out and smoking will occur. It is important, even on cold days & nights, to have ventilation otherwise the burners can be starved of oxygen and the flame will die down. Allow a minimum of 38cmsq (6”sq) of opening for adequate ventilation. Draughts should of course be avoided. Before refilling the heater, extinguish the flame by turning the control knobs anti clockwise and blow through the hole in the heat spreader. Always use a clean dry container and funnel to store a transfer paraffin.  Before lighting new wicks or old wicks aft commence. Once dry refit the wicks and allow them to absorb the paraffin.  With the large Heater, one burner may be used in mild conditions, but both wicks in that burner should be lit. Always keep the tank well supplied with paraffin to ensure the wicks are well immersed, otherwise the wicks can be starved of paraffin, the flame will die down and smoking may occur. When the heater is not in the summer months, empty the fuel tank and store the heater in a dry environment.