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180 Piece Heat Shrink Tubing Wire Sleeves Kit - wiring and electical connections
£7.49 ex. VAT
Our set of handy heat shrink sleeves form a protective , waterproof insulation over exposed wiring and electrical connections
534 Pce Oil Drain Plug Screws & Aluminium O - Ring Set
£24.99 ex. VAT
Our set is ideal for replacing Oil Drain Plugs which may need to be replaced because of stripped threads Suitable for Cars / Motorbikes / Trucks and Vans
80 piece Car / Van Mini Blade Fuse Kit
£5.83 ex. VAT
Our set of mini spade fuses set includes 10 of each AMP 
9.5 " Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Tool Tray - Can be used upside down
£12.99 £15.99
£10.83 ex. VAT
The tray is a convenient accessory to store parts , bolts ,  screws and even small wrenches