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Spray Guns

We have a great range of HVLP air powered spray guns and air brush kits ideal for hobby and work use From a small 21ml jar to a huge 1 litre ss cup. Nozzles ranging from  0.8mm to 2mm and air brush kits for model painting, nail art etc we should have the right tool for the job.

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Air Brush Kit - Painting Graphics Art Plastic Models Automotive Design
£8.33 ex. VAT
Our Air Brush kit is ideal for detailed art work - automotive designs - graphic drawing - crafts - plastic models and more.
Airbrush Kit - ideal for craft & Hobbies Cosmetics, tanning & fingernails, Cakes
£27.49 ex. VAT
​​​​​​​This professional quality airbrush is particularly suitable for detail design work such as - model painting / body painting / nail art / fine art / car painting / photo retouching / cake decorating and textile artwork
HVLP Gravity fed Spray Gun  Set with 1.4 mm & 2 mm Nozzles & Regulator
£22.49 ex. VAT
Our 2 HVLP Air powered Spray Gun has a large 1000 ml capacity aluminium cup, 2 nozzles : A 1.4 mm nozzle which is ideal for spraying and a 2 mm nozzle which is ideal for priming